Regenerative Notes – Reflecting and Developing Empathetic Practices in Post-Fossil World was the title of IfE’s interdisciplinary research and activity project in 2017.

The work was based on a process started with the collective curating process for the Pixelache Helsinki Festival in 2016, that concentrated on empathy as a direct micro-level experience. 

In 2017 the work group directed its focus on studying empathy from macro-level perspective, leading us to extend our reflections from 2016 towards asking how to create deeper connections in the crisis of humanity and how to develop skills of existence for post-fossil life especially through empathy.

The outcomes of the work, in addition to the group research work, was in the form of workshops and discussions on the contents and methods of empathy in collaborative and collective intelligence and action.

Work on the collective curatorial method in 2016 and 2017 was been generously funded by the Kone Foundation. The project was done through the Pixelache platform in 2016-17.

In 2017 we had workshop is in Glasgow,
Helsinki and Turku in various art&science contexts.

July 2017
The workshop in Glasgow was part of the Edge Effects exhibition and event series of a Frontiers in Retreat programme. The event was organised by the Scottish Sculpture Workshop and took place in CCA, the Centre For Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

August 2017
The workshop in Helsinki was part of the "Local Energy" exhibition and event in Lapinlahti cultural centre.

November 2017

The workshop and workgroup facilitation in Turku was part of the YHYS Colloquium. YHYS is the Finnish Society for Environmental Social Science.

Action Tank Working Towards Empathic Ecologies